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Siren Studios is announcing the transfer of its production supplies and warehouse operations at 600 Sonora Ave in Glendale to Sunset Stages & Mat Men Group, effective September 1, 2017. Sunset & Mat Men are led by Ken Coon and Christy Taylor, two founding Partners at Siren Studios. Siren invites our clients to continue to do its production supply and walkie rentals directly through Sunset Stage and Mat Men at the same warehouse location.


To learn more about Mat Men's full range of location services and expanded production supply rentals, please visit: Phone: 323-632-4368.


Siren Studios has evolved its business model to focus on creative campus development and production workflow solutions to the world’s leading content creators and branded entertainment companies, including Buzzfeed Entertainment and Facebook. Siren continues to provide its commercial, event, and new media production clients a full range of Studio Services at its current four stages in the Hollywood Media District, and returning in 2018, all seven stages at the original Sunset Campus.


To learn more about Siren’s focus on digital media and studios services, please visit Phone: 323-467-3559

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